My Vision & Passion which led to: “Team Get It In” apparel. This vision originates from a fitness body group page on that I created. And along with the process it evolved into the “Thegetitincrew”. Therefore since the beginning of my fitness journey, my term of expression for motivation has been ” Get It In”.
From reading about my personal journey you can see my triumph and the resiliency that set the tone for my vision of “Team Get It In Apparel and  This all evolving from my life’s passion because I Simply Get It In! Those of you who will join the movement, I know that you will – Get It In!
RW- vision & passion, to be rocked and displayed through custom T-shirts and apparel with my distinct Brand!  Expression of graphic imagery, motto’s and quotes.  My Brand is represented by 3 pillars: Perseverance, Fitness as a lifestyle and Synergy (a health conscious synergistic destination).  Encompassing dedication, comrade, hard work, commitment, self-discipline, believing in one’s self, your goals, dreams and having passion being resilient to cross the footpath to your stair steps Journeys’ Destination. “Simply Get It In”.
In life, the gym and everything you do! With the mind set of “Do better than the week before!!”
This to be represented globally to those wanting to support and/or be involved with what this Brand means and represents.  Displaying my custom T-shirts, Apparel and including accessories in the near future i.e. water bottles etc.