Strength Training Program, How to Select the Best One

While deciding to start a strength training program, everybody has his own goals in mind and it’s also a fact that every one’s body is naturally different from others’. So while picking up a training program, don’t think that a particular program has worked better for a lot, and now it may work the same way for you. But study well the following facts and keep them in mind while concluding a training program of your choice:

Fact #1: Natural Differences

God has created our bodies naturally different from one another. If a particular training system is given to a large group of people, it will not produce similar results for all of them, as the response of each one’s body to that training system is naturally different. So no similar effects will appear on the bodies of all the members in that group.

Fact #2: Overwork

The main goal of every trainee is to improve his strength and the size of his muscles. For this he needs to workout harder and longer today than he did yesterday. But this requires whether or not his body can endure the increase in workload on daily basis. In several cases one has to change one’s training program if proved necessary. Otherwise one’s losses would be more than one’s gains.

Fact #3: Your Specific Aim

So far health and fitness are concerned; there are several types of programs such as fitness exercises, body weight exercises, bodybuilding workouts and aerobics etc. Now before choosing one, you have to keep in mind your aim and destination, because these all are different in nature and requirements. However they would keep you healthy and fit if properly selected according to your aims and needs of your body. If you have selected a wrong program, you would need to change it immediately.

Fact #4: Patience

As in normal life, when a work is started and then continued with patience, it gives great results with sure success. But in case of strength training, its importance is much more than in any other field of life. When a muscle-building program is joined, one is eager to achieve faster even immediate results. This is not possible. In nature, growth takes place step by step and one has to wait patiently for results. If one loses one’s patience and abnormally increases the amount of weight he exercises with in order to gain faster results, it will simply destroy his body and he will never be able to achieve his goal of a nice muscular body. So patience plays important role in the process of muscle-building.

Fact #5: Regularity

No one can deny the importance of regularity in everyday life. When a work is done regularly, it brings results and vice versa. Similar is its importance in the process of muscle building. When you join a program, and don’t continue it with regularity, you cannot achieve desired results. Every training program has rest days, they are excluded. But so far work-out days are concerned, you have to perform exercises in those days. Only this attitude will lead to success.

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5 Simple Bodybuilding Tips

Compound Movements

Rather than focus on isolating exercises which target just one muscle group, it’s best to work on compound movements. These are bodybuilding exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, pull ups. An isolating movement is an exercise like a barbell curl or leg curl, which just works on one specific muscle. Compound moves will work out multiple muscle groups at once. It’s like getting more value for each repetition you put out. Rather than doing two exercises to target quads and hamstrings, squats will do both.

Increase your weights

The only way to see bodybuilding progress, besides looking at your body, is to see if you can lift more weight over time. If you are truly exercising and dieting properly you should be able to bump up your weights every few months. If not, then there is room for improvement in your workout. If you hit a plateau, you should start playing with tweaking your routine and diet, even possibly adding supplements in need be.

Blast through the plateau

As we just mentioned, hitting the plateau can be a struggle. It’s easy to get frustrated when you don’t experience a change in the amount of weights you can lift after a certain amount of time. If you hit a period of time where you don’t seem to be improving, you may need to start changing some things. This could be mixing up your exercises, resting more or less, using supplements, or changing your diet.

Allow your muscles to rest

Although you may want to hit the gym 7 days a week, it’s not always the best move for your body. But going more often will help me get bigger more quickly, right? Not necessarily. One key thing to remember is that muscles don’t grow in the gym. Yes, the gym is a crucial component of building muscle, but so is recovery. Once you stop exercising, that is when your muscles will begin to grow. It’s important to rest before heading back to the gym. If you head back to soon, your muscles can break down even more, leaving them weaker. There’s not a set amount of time to recover. Try to allow a day of recovery between each lifting workout. At a minimum you should rest at least 2 full days.

Optimize your diet

Going to the gym every day won’t help if you are eating poorly. You need to be getting in at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight if you are bodybuilding. This could be through foods like egg whites, fish, chicken, turkey, lean red meat. It could also be through protein supplements. Your body also requires amino acids to synthesize protein to create new muscle mass. Make sure you get in enough protein before and after you start a bodybuilding workout in order to prevent muscle loss.

There you have it! Five simple bodybuilding tips anyone can start to incorporate into their fitness routine. Not everything stated here will be exactly the same for everyone. So it is a good idea to test out and optimize these tips to fit your bodybuilding goals.

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Best Workout Routines for Women

Be it a man or a woman; appearance matters a lot. Today, the trend of muscle building can be apparently seen all across the globe. The gyms in the cities or towns stand as a proof of how the people and especially the youngsters are crazy after muscle building. Though the muscle building is the ultimate end, the definition slightly differs for males and females. Most men may desire to have the muscular body, whereas that may not be the objective of the females. For females, it is the toned body that makes them look appealing and sexy. Where most men strive to gain masculine figure, the women prefer to have a toned body. Moreover, the females have naturally less hormones required to get the muscles like men do. However, there is nothing to worry as the adequate nutritious diet and planned workout will render a strong and toned body.

Another salient difference between the male and female muscle building is the workout plan. For women, it may be a bit tough to make a 5 day workout plan in the initial state. So, it is not bad to start with a 3 day workout plan. After a few days, the 5 day workout plan can be adopted. Some exercises such as the lifting of weight may seem to be somewhat awkward for the women initially, but they will be certainly comfortable with it in a few days. Likewise, all the other exercises will also appear to be normal after a few days of workout.

One of the significant aspects of all workout plans is that the person gets the full body exercise. However, it may not be possible doing the exercise for all the parts of the body in the same session. And, it is for this reason that the workout routine should be planned in a meticulous manner. In a 5 day workout plan, the first day can be dedicated to the legs and butt; the 2nd day to the back & biceps; the 3rd day to abs & cardio; the 4th day to chest, shoulders & triceps; and the 5th day to the butt, calves & cardio. Thus, from Monday to Friday, the workout routine can be planned and the workout can be done in an orderly and holistic manner equally justifying all the parts of the body.

Again, the number of sets in the exercises also needs to be planned. In the initial stages, the number of sets can be small. This can be then gradually increased. For the women desiring to get faster muscles and toned body, it is advisable to take the workout training under an expert. The incorrect way of workout may adversely affect the body and thus prove to be detrimental. Moreover, the women seeking to lose weight need to be very much careful towards their dietary intake. The women desiring to gain weight can choose the best supplements available in the market and catalyze the muscle growth. However, it is not wise to be fully dependent on the muscle building supplements.

The author here is a health and fitness expert. Years of experience in the field has made the author a specialist in how to gain and build muscle fast. Here, the author shares the significant points about workout routines for women and how women can benefit from the meticulously planned workout routines.

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